When Metal Shingles Are A Better Choice Than Metal Panels

When you tell a roofer you want a metal roof, there's a good chance they'll respond by asking, "what kind?" As it turns out, there are two main types of metal roofs. The better-known one is standing seam metal roofing, which consists of large roofing panels. The other type is metal shingles. Homeowners often choose standing seam metal roofing because it is more wind-resistant and often cheaper to have installed. However, there are times – like the following – that metal shingles are a better option.

You want a more traditional look.

Standing seam metal roofs do have a distinct look. They appear very modern and sleek, which does not appeal to everyone. Metal shingles look like a more traditional roof. They are shinier and smoother than asphalt shingles, but some are even made with some extra texture and coloration so that they resemble asphalt shingles more closely. If you have an older Victorian or Greek Revival home and can't imagine a standing seam metal roof matching its style, then metal shingles are something to consider.

Your roof has a complex layout.

Does your roof have multiple peaks and valleys? Maybe it has some dormers, or perhaps there are a few really steep sections. While roofers can cut metal panels to fit more intricate roof shapes, doing so is a lot of work. So, your quote might come back really high. Having metal shingles installed is likely to be more affordable since the small shingles can be more easily moved and manipulated around the roof's various sections. Plus, roofers can typically shingle a complicated roof faster than they can cut the metal panels to fit as precisely as needed.

You want to make your own repairs.

It's not always a good idea to make your own roof repairs, but if you're handy or in the construction industry, this may be something you plan on doing. Metal panels are hard to repair or replace on your own because they are so heavy. But if a few of your metal shingles blow off or become damaged, you can more easily replace those metal shingles yourself.

If you want a metal roof, spend some time thinking about whether metal panels and metal shingles will better fit your needs. Use the suggestions above to guide you, and consider also getting quotes for both materials. Sometimes, having prices to compare makes it easier to draw a comparison. 

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