Roof Repair Services That Might Be Needed If A Storm Causes Chimney Bricks To Fall

A storm that has strong winds can do some surprising damage to your home. Your shingle roof might not have much damage at all, but your chimney might be missing a few bricks. This might happen if the bricks were loose due to cracks in the mortar or just due to the pressure of strong winds.

A roof repair service probably won't repair your chimney since that requires a chimney contractor, but the roofer might need to repair the damage the falling bricks caused. Bricks are pretty heavy, and when driven by strong winds, they might damage the shingles or deck of your roof. Here are some roof repair services your roof might need.

Replace The Shingles That Were Impacted

A falling brick is even worse than large hail, so roof damage is definitely possible. The impact from a brick might crack a shingle or give it a big bruise. If this happens, the shingles must be replaced so they don't start leaking. Bruises may not seem like a big deal, but they can eventually cause a roof leak, even if they aren't leaking now.

That's why roofs with a lot of hail damage are replaced. The dents and bruises are more serious than they look. The number of shingles that need to be replaced will depend on how many bricks fell. The roof repair service might need to replace one or two shingles, or they may need to replace several.

Repair The Deck If It Was Damaged

When the roofer pulls the damaged shingles off to replace them, they check the deck to see if it was gouged or cracked by the impact. A roof deck is made of plywood, so if the force from the brick was strong enough, it might damage the deck too.

The roofing contractor can examine the damage and decide if the deck needs to be replaced in that area. If so, they might need to remove a few more shingles to have room to work. Then they can cut out the damaged part and then patch in a new section of plywood. They can nail the new piece to the rafters so it's held in place tightly. Then they will cover the plywood with underlayment and put the shingles back on.

Repair Chimney Flashing If Needed

If a brick landed on the metal flashing around the chimney, the flashing might have a puncture hole or be dented. The impact might have caused the edges of the flashing to lift. The roofer may want to change the damaged flashing to eliminate the risk of leaking. If the only problem is loose flashing, the contractor may just need to caulk around the edges to seal the flashing and keep the rain out.

The roofer will also check around the roof for other signs of damage the bricks may have caused. They may need to provide additional roof repair services if they're needed. For instance, they may need to replace shingles that had granules scraped off due to the heavy bricks sliding across the roof.

If your roof was damaged by falling bricks, reach out to a roof repair contractor. 

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