How To Determine Whether Your Home Needs A New Roof Installed

A lot of people don't like thinking about the possible need for a new roof on their home because it is a major construction project. However, there may come a time when you really need that new roof, and waiting is just not the ideal thing to do. So how do you know when you need to call to schedule a new roof installation? Just take a little time to review the following to learn when it's time to start making phone calls:

There Are Spongy Spots

If you or someone else walk around on the roof and notice that there are sections that feel a little spongy, it is time to call for a new roof installation. There will likely be a need to replace the wood up there before new roofing paper and shingles can be installed. The sooner you have this work done, the better because water could soon start coming into your home.

Sunlight Is Coming Into Your Attic

You should never be able to see sunlight coming into the attic of your home, so if you do, you need to take that as a big sign that it is time to have a new roof put on. If the sunlight is able to come into your home through the roof, then rain is able to come in as well. The water can ruin a lot of things, including flooring, insulation, and personal belongings. It could also be why mold begins to grow in your home.

The Shingles Are No Longer In Good Shape

The shingles can break apart, curl up at the corners or bottom edges, or even start to crack when they are in need of replacement. This usually starts to happen at the very end of their life span, which is usually past the end of the warranty. Therefore, you will want to contact a contractor that can do the replacement work for you.

Now that you know when you should call for roofing replacement or repair work, you need to know who to call. It is a good idea to make sure that you are reviewing as many options as you can so you can get the best service possible. It's never too early to start investigating the roofing companies and contractors in your area, even if you do not think you need any roofing work at the moment. You will at least already know who to call when that time comes.

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