How To Take Advantage Of Recycled Materials When Installing A New Roof

If you are concerned about your home's impact on the environment, you can make your home much more eco-friendly by installing a roof made of materials such as plastic, rubber, and wood fibers. These types of materials can be melted to form tiles. Recycled roof tiles made of zinc-coated or copper-coated materials are generally not considered ideal because they can wash into water sources and are toxic to wildlife.

Recycled Materials Reduce Landfill Waste

Recycled material reduces the materials that will end up in a landfill. This is better for the environment. Even though your roof is made from recycled materials, it can still be durable and last many years. The materials can also reduce your energy costs by acting as a form of insulation. However, recycled materials can be more expensive and sometimes more limited than other roofing options. For example, there are limits on how many colors your roof can have when using recycled materials. 

The Right Type of Roofing Materials

To install the most eco-friendly roof, the more recycled materials it has, the better. However, you will also want to emphasize durability because you want the roof to last as long as possible. The more often you need to replace it, the shorter the life span of your roof will be, and the more you'll waste the materials.

Importance of Regular Roof Cleaning

Your roof needs to be cleaned regularly with a soft-bristled brush to remove debris while avoiding damaging the roof.

Inspecting Your Roof After Severe Weather Events

If your roof has experienced severe weather damage, you will want to have it inspected to ensure it doesn't need any repairs. If you discover that your roof is damaged, it's essential to contact a roofing contractor as soon as possible. 

Contacting a Roofing Contractor for Help

Getting up on the roof is a bad idea because it can be hazardous. Roofing contractors know how to walk safely on your roof. If you fall, you might injure yourself. Also, walking on a roof can cause it to become damaged. 

How Roofing Contractors Safely Climb on Your Roof

Roofing contractors will sometimes use drones to inspect roofs for damage. They will use roof harnesses and other safety equipment. They will use specialized ladders that are safe to use when climbing onto and off the roof. They will also have other techniques for working on the roof.

Contact a local roofing contractor to learn more. 

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