Benefits Of Getting Multiple Quotes For A Roof Replacement

If you need to have your home's roof replaced, one of the biggest pieces of advice people will give you is to get multiple quotes. The key advantage of this approach is fairly obvious: it helps ensure you get the best price. But that's not the only reason it's a good idea to get multiple quotes for a roof replacement. Here are some other advantages of having two, three, or more roofers come to look at your roof before agreeing to a contract. 

You might be presented with different material options.

Different roofers use different roofing materials. One company may only use asphalt shingles, while another may give you a quote for wood shingles or cedar shakes. You may have some assumptions about what materials you want for your roof, but by talking to roofers who offer different materials, you can learn more about them. You may realize a certain roofing material is better suited to your home than you imagined. 

Even if you stick with a certain roof material, like shingles, different roofers may work with different brands. Getting multiple quotes gives you a chance to learn about and choose between these brands.

You may have more flexibility in scheduling.

Good roofing companies book up quickly. If you only consider one roofer, you will be beholden to their schedule. If you consider several roofers, you can see which one has availability at the times that work best for you. If you have a specific week when you really need to schedule your roof replacement, then you may have to meet with several roofers before you find someone who can do the project that week.

You're more likely to find out about problems and damage.

Roofers do their best to be thorough when inspecting a roof and giving a quote, but they are only human and can miss things. If you have multiple roofers give you quotes, fewer things will go unnoticed. One roofer may point out a damaged vent that the others missed. Another might notice your insulation could use upgrading. This is a good way to learn more about your roof condition and be sure you're taking all the possible steps to improve your new roof.

Replacing your roof is a big project, and any big project calls for multiple quotes. Call a few roofers in your area, and schedule on-site estimates. You'll soon find out which roofer can best serve your needs. 

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