2 Indoor Signs Your Commercial Building's Roof Is Leaking And Needs Professional Attention

Whether your commercial building has a shingled or flat roof, it is imperative to keep an eye on its condition to protect your business assets from water leaks. As part of your routine maintenance plan, you may already check the exterior to see if there are any signs of damage.

However, just because you do not see exterior damage does not mean that there are no hidden leaks. Below are a couple of signs to look for inside the building to determine whether the roof is leaking and needs a professional to repair or replace it.

1. Air Inside the Building Feels Damp and Smells Musty

One indoor sign that your business's building has a hidden roof leak is when you notice a change in the air. You may have noticed that the building feels damp no matter what the weather is outside. You may also find that the air has a musty odor to it.

If you notice these changes, there may be a leak in the roof that is running down inside the walls where you cannot see it. Although the water will evaporate slower inside the structures, it will still send moisture into the air of your building, making it feel damp. 

As the water breaks down the materials inside the walls, the air will also start to smell musty. If you notice these changes in the air, have a roofing professional inspect the roof to locate the leaks. 

2. Stains Start Appearing on the Ceiling and Walls of the Building's Upper Level

Another sign to look for inside your commercial building to see if there are water leaks coming from the roof is when you find stains on the ceiling and walls of the upper level. These stains will usually accompany the changes in the feel and smell of the air.

As the hidden leaks become worse, the water will saturate the walls and ceiling of the upper level and start to soak through. If you see any water stains, call in a professional to see what needs to be done.

When you notice that the air inside your building starts to feel damp and takes on a musty odor, the roof may have a hidden leak. Soon after noticing the changes in the interior air, you may also start to see stains appearing on the ceiling and along the walls of the upper level. If so, contact a commercial roofing company in your business's area to have them inspect the roof. Reach out to a commercial roofing contractor to learn more. 

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