Residential Roof Leaks: 3 Things That May Cause You To Experience Them

If you notice indicators of roof leaks, don't hesitate to address the underlying cause quickly. That way, you will prevent significant damage to your house. But if you're a first-timer in dealing with water leaks, you may not quickly identify the root cause of the problem. If this is the case, you should pay attention to a leaky roof. Otherwise, you may end up with significant damage to your home interior. That said, learn more about the issues behind a leaking roof that requires the urgent services of an experienced roofer. 

Excessive Dirt Buildup in the Gutter

When the gutters fill with debris that isn't removed for a prolonged period, you'll likely experience water damage problems. For instance, you will notice that water doesn't properly drain down through the downspout whenever it rains. Furthermore, you may notice leaves or twigs inside the gutter by conducting a visual inspection from the ground. As soon as you see these indicators, contact your roofer to remove them and clean the gutter system. Clear gutters prevent water from entering into the eaves, which might eventually compromise your roof's structure.

There's a Hole in the Roof

Of course, a hole will act as an entryway for water to get inside your home. Puncture holes may develop if you walk on your roof without proper gear and caution. Additionally, they might occur once you remove a satellite dish or old antenna but fail to patch the holes correctly. Regardless of the cause of the punctures, it's highly advisable to use the services of a knowledgeable roofer as soon as you notice them. Sealing the holes in time averts water damage to the interior structures.

There's Damage Around the Skylight

If you have a skylight on your rooftop to enhance the natural lighting in your home, ensure that you inspect it regularly for signs of damage. Over time, the seals applied around the flange may decay, creating a water inlet. And after inclement weather, cracks may form within the skylight frame. If such cracks aren't addressed on time, they can be a source of water leaks inside your home.

On the first sign of a roof leak in your home, you should immediately contact your roofing contractor for repairs. Remember that water leaks that aren't attended to on time can result in significant damage to the roof structure. For instance, it can result in wood rot that eventually leads to roof failure.

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