The Intricacies Of Hiring A Roofing Contractor In A Hurricane-Prone Area

Hurricanes are hard on construction in general, but particularly on roofs. As such, if you live in a hurricane zone and need work done on your roof, you need to be really aware of what you have done and who you hire to do the work. The following tips will serve you well and help ensure you get good results when having roofing work done in a hurricane zone.

Hire a local roofer, if possible.

If you recently went through a hurricane, you may find that there are a lot of roofers in the area who came in from other states and regions to help get all of the work done. Many of these roofers are likely to do good work. However, you are generally better off hiring a local roofing company, if possible.

First of all, local roofers are more familiar with the climate of the region and its unique demands. They also tend to be better-versed in the local building codes, which are really important to adhere to when hurricanes are a concern. Finally, if you ever have any trouble with the new roof, it is a lot easier to get in touch with a local roofing company for repairs than it is to try and contact a company located out of state.

Don't assume you need a replacement.

When homeowners see hurricane damage to their roof, they often jump to the conclusion that they just need a brand new roof. Sometimes this is the case, but other times, repairing the roof may be perfectly feasible and less expensive. Let a roofer come in and give you an assessment before you decide whether repairs or replacement is the better approach.

Say "yes" to updates to meet new code requirements.

Sometimes, if your roof is older than a certain age, you'll be "grandfathered in" and not required to meet newer building codes. But if your roofer suggests some changes to bring your roof up to current codes, you should take them. Even though it is not strictly required, updating your home to meet current codes will help reduce roof damage over the coming years. Spend a little money on updates now, and you'll save on repairs the next time there's a big storm.

In a hurricane area, it is more important than ever to work closely with your roofer. Talk to them for additional tips and advice to keep your home safe.  

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