Avoiding Common Sources Of Commercial Roofing Damage

A handful of common roofing mistakes can substantially increase the risk of this part of your business suffering potentially catastrophic damages and failures. Unfortunately, business leaders can often be completely unaware of the mistakes that could be increasing the wear that the roof of their building is sustaining.

Ineffective Gutters For The Roof

Gutters are an integral part of a roofing system as they allow rainwater to be safely directed away from the roof and the building. Unfortunately, there are several ways that your current gutter system may be ineffective in this regard. One example of this could be the gutters warping over the years in response to strong storms and high winds. This warping may allow gaps to form between the gutters and the roof, which could lead to them being far less capable of collecting runoff. For roofs that have flashing along the perimeter, this increased moisture exposure could increase the likelihood of corrosion developing.

Failing To Address Damaged Flashing

There are many areas of your roof where flashing will be needed. Often, this flashing will serve the role of protecting gaps and other weak areas in the roofing system from moisture damage. Typically, flashing will be thin sheets of metal that can be easily installed in these spaces. However, the flashing can degrade over the years or suffer outright damage. This can be in the form of corrosion, punctures, and even flashing being torn from areas of the roof. Whenever the flashing on your building has suffered damage, a person will need to act quickly to have it replaced. Otherwise, the roof could be at a greater risk of suffering rot or other types of moisture damage that could structurally compromise it.

Letting Leaves And Branches Gather On The Roof

If there are trees near your building, you will need to contend with the problem of large amounts of leaves and branches getting on the roof. Failing to remove these materials can add strain to the roof by increasing the weight that it has to support. However, it can also contribute to structural damage by increasing the rate at which the surface experiences substantial wear from moisture exposure. Leaves and branches could contribute to the roof remaining damp for long periods of time after rain has moved through the area, and this may lead to rot and other localized damage occurring. Having the roof cleaned at the end of the fall months can be one solution for preventing this plant debris from contributing to these problems.

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