Roof Replacement: The Best Solution For Flat Roof Water Ponding

If you like a sturdy and reliable roofing system, you probably have a flat roof. This roof type can serve you for many years with proper maintenance. Besides, they are easy to maintain and offer additional space to lounge or host guests. While these roofs are great, they will wear off over time. As a result, you might get complications such as water ponding. Here are reasons to seek roof replacement when you notice ponding water on your flat roof.

1. It Can Cause Your Roof to Rot

No matter how much you clean your flat roof, it will always collect dirt and debris. So, if water stands on the roof, it will create a suitable environment for mold and moss growth moss. Though they might seem insignificant, the mold and vegetation on the roof could make it rot. This will compromise the structural strength of your system and pose safety risks. In turn, you will experience issues such as leaks. Replacing the entire roofing system is the best way to address the problem and enhance rainwater drainage.

2. It Can Cause Your Roof to Collapse

Generally, flat roofs have a slight inclination. The purpose of the inclination is to enable the water to flow off to prevent ponding. So, if you notice that some sections of your system have standing water, then it means that the inclination is no longer effective, so it might be time to reinstall the roof to solve the problem. If you leave the moisture, it will access the weak points and, in turn, increase pressure on the roof structure and deteriorate the roofing materials. So, over time, the entire system is likely to collapse.

3. It Will Void Your Warranty

During the roofing design stages, you should discuss material and service warranties. The warranty covers roof repair and replacement costs if something goes wrong with the system within a certain duration. But to be eligible, you need to play your role, which is maintaining your roofing system. Note that the warranty will be void if you ignore issues like ponding and moisture damaging your system. Since the water has already penetrated your roof, you might need numerous repairs, which can be expensive. Getting a new roofing system can prevent extensive and costly repairs. Additionally, a new roof means a new warranty that will protect you from additional repair costs.

Ponding water on your flat roof can cause vegetation growth, collapsing of the roof, and frequent expensive repairs. So, if you experience water ponding, consider hiring professionals for a roof replacement.

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