A Homeowner's Overview: Impact Roof Shingles

Asphalt shingles are one of the more common roofing materials, but not all asphalt shingles are created equally. Impact shingles are specially made to provide more durability in the face of impacts. Learn more about these shingles to determine if they are the option you should install on your roof. 

Qualifications for Impact Resistance

Impact-resistant shingles are also known as class 4 shingles, as that is the rating given to any shingle that is designed to withstand hail damage and wind-blown debris impacts. These shingles undergo rigorous testing to verify that they will perform as needed during storm events where impacts are likely.

Although impact-resistant shingles are similar to standard asphalt shingles, they have a few other components that make them more durable in extreme conditions. A polymer mesh is embedded in each shingle, which will prevent the shingle from cracking under impacts. The shingles also have a polymer infused into the asphalt to create a more flexible shingle that can withstand impacts better than standard asphalt shingles.

Benefits of Impact Shingles

For those in areas where impact damage is a concern, the benefits are clear—your roof will suffer less damage and require fewer repairs following storm events. It's generally recommended to opt for impact shingles if you live in an area where hail or wind storms are common, or if you live in an at-risk area for hurricanes or tornadoes. 

Even those outside of these areas may benefit from impact shingles depending on the specific local conditions. For example, for those on heavily wooded lots where branch fall is a concern, impact shingles can protect your home in the event of a tree branch falling on the roof. 

Conditions That Warrant Impact Shingles

Hail, falling debris, and windblown debris are all conditions that warrant the installation of impact asphalt shingles. If you live in an area that is subject to these types of storms, even if only rarely, then the small cost of upgrading to impact shingles can save you money and prevent the nuisance of scheduling and carrying out storm repairs. 

Keep in mind that impact shingles are not always wind-resistant shingles, although they can provide protection from the impacts of wind-blown debris. Wind rating is separate from impact rating. If you also have concerns about wind uplift and damage to shingles, then invest in shingles that are both impact- and wind-resistant. 

Contact a shingle roof installation service, such as Rainbow Roof Maintenance, to learn more about the types of shingles. 

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