Why You Should Work With An Insured Commercial Roofing Contractor

A damaged roof in your business premises can easily affect your daily operations. Leaks, for instance, can make your office space uninhabitable unless you do something about it first.

When you need to repair or replace an existing one, you need to hire an experienced commercial roofing contractor for a safe and quality installation. But roof installation involves many risks. Workers could injure themselves or damage the neighboring property. If your contractor doesn't have insurance, you'd be responsible for these damages.  

But why should you first confirm if your commercial roofer has insurance?

They Have to Follow Safety Standards

When you claim compensation from your insurance company, they will assess the situation to determine the cause of the accident. If the accident is due to negligence, compensation quickly becomes a headache.

As a result, insured roofing contractors ensure that their workers follow all local construction codes. They also take all the necessary precautions to prevent accidents that may cause injuries or damage your property. This way, if an incident does occur, the compensation process will be easier since there's no safety breach involved.

Therefore, you can have peace of mind knowing that there will be fewer accidents and damage to your property.

They Protect You from Workers' Liability

Despite your roofing contractor's experience, one of their workers could lose their balance and fall off the ladder. As a result, they might suffer a head injury or several broken bones. These injuries may cause lifetime health complications or worse.

With an uninsured contractor, you might be partially liable for the worker's accident if they insist on holding you accountable for the cause of the accident.

However, you won't face any liabilities if your contractor has a worker's compensation policy. This coverage will also cater to the wages a worker loses during hospitalization.

They Cover Damage to Nearby Properties

Oftentimes, roofing projects involve the use of heavy-duty equipment. Although rare, a piece of heavy equipment from your roof height could accidentally fall off and damage office windows, parked cars, or even your floor tiles. The equipment may also fall on a passerby and cause serious injuries.

While you can't always account for these accidents, they are still possible. And you might be more confident to know that you're covered in case they do actually happen. Therefore, ensure your contractor has a general insurance policy to cover such risks.

You can't completely avoid construction accidents, even with the required safety measure in place. Therefore, before you hire a roofing contractor, ensure they are adequately insured to protect you from incurring unnecessary costs. This way you won't have to incur heavy losses as you run your business. 

You can read more about commercial roofing contractors by reaching out to local services. 

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