3 Qualities That Make Slate Roofing A Worthwhile Investment

When installing a roof, choosing the right roofing materials can sometimes be overwhelming. This can be especially the case if you want to use tiles for your roofing project. Roofing tiles come in various types, and they have different features. However, choosing slate tiles can be a great idea. Slate roofs are durable and beautiful, making them a great option for anyone who wants to use tiles as their roofing materials. If you are roofing your property, here's why you need a roofing contractor to install a slate roof for you.

1. It Has a Longer Lifespan

Slates tiles are extremely durable compared to some other roofing materials you may have in mind. You will, of course, pay more when installing a slate roof, but you will end up saving more money because you will go for several decades without replacing it. 

In fact, a well-installed slate roof can last for close to a hundred years, unlike other roofs that won't last for three or four decades. Slate roofs don't detach, erode, crack, or break easily or more frequently. Besides having a longer lifespan, slate roofs have low maintenance, and they can remain attractive and functional for many years.

2. It Makes Your Home Attractive to Buyers

Most homeowners look for ways that can help them increase their home's home. While buying and installing some new appliances can help them do so, installing a slate roof is a more practical option due to its long-lasting properties and attractive style. 

But if anything happens, and you have to sell your property, a well-maintained slate roof will make it competitive and help you fetch some good money. Don't forget that most buyers want to invest in a home with a lasting roof.

3. It Easily Resists Mold, Ice, and Fire

Mold, fire, and ice are highly detrimental, and they quickly compromise the roof's structural integrity. Since slates are strong and durable materials, elements like fire and mold don't easily damage them. In fact, slate tiles or shingles can be functional and in good shape for a long time, even when exposed to extreme weather. 

Any roof that resists the impact of ice, mold, and fire helps keep your home and everyone else in it safe. Slate shingles don't absorb moisture, and that's why mold hardly grows on the surface. This minimizes the risks of your slate roof getting damaged and family members developing respiratory problems from the mold.

If you intend to build a new home or aren't happy or comfortable with your current roof, consider installing a slate roof. Usually, slate roofing is a worthwhile investment, especially if you want to avoid frequent repairs and replacement costs or want to add significant value to your home. For more information, contact a roofing company.

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