Natural Things That Can Damage A Roof And Lead To The Need For Repairs

Sometimes, roofs need to be replaced because they are past their prime and will only continue to have problems, then get to a point where they are dangerous not to replace. However, there are also a lot of minor repair issues that can come up, and they in no way mean that the roof is close to needing to be replaced. Sometimes repair issues happen because the roof was damaged by something, and sometimes the roof has damage in weaker areas, such as along the flashing. This article will help you learn about some natural reasons roofs can get damaged. 

Roofs can be directly damaged by certain weather conditions

A roof protects your home and family from the weather outside. Whether it's a bright day and it's shielding you from UV rays or it's pouring rain and it's keeping you dry, the roof is designed to take on the weather for you. 

However, this doesn't mean it is impossible for the weather to occasionally get the best of your roof. In rare instances, a roof can be struck by lightning. The effects can be devastating, or they can be minor. You'll need to have the affected portion of your roof replaced, but this doesn't mean most of your roof may not still be in good condition. 

Hail can cause damage to your roof as well. You'll want to have the roof checked out by a roofer who will find all the damage and fix it. 

Roofs can be damaged by branches

Some people don't understand the risks they are taking by letting a tree grow next to their home where the branches grow over a part of the roof. A branch can sway back and forth in the wind, and if it continuously comes into contact with the roof while it's doing this, then it can cause damage. 

If a branch hits against the eave, then this can be damaging to the roof faster in many cases. The branch will be hitting the edge of the roof, which will naturally be a weaker point. The shingles can be pushed up and the eave itself can end up with damage that also needs repairing. Plus, the rain gutters can be damaged as well. 


Take a look at the roof after strong storms just to be safe. If any problems are found, have them taken care of before they cause leaks that can bring you more problems inside of your house. Consider having trees situated too close to the house removed so they won't be problematic at any point in the future. Contact a roofing repair contractor near you to learn more.

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