How Improperly Installed Gutters Can Cause Roofing Repairs

When you purchased your home, gutters may already be installed. The gutters may be installed on the home, carports, and on outbuildings such as garages and tool sheds. In some cases, the gutters may have been installed improperly. This improper installation can cause severe roofing issues that lead to costly repairs. Here are some of the issues that improperly installed gutters can cause to your roof and how those issues can be repaired.

Guttering Pitch

When the guttering is installed, it must be aligned properly with the pitch of the roof. The guttering pitch can either allow or prevent the rainwater from draining into the guttering properly. If the pitch is not angled properly, the water can overflow and become trapped between the gutter and the roofing. The trapped water will cause mold and eventually a breakdown of the wood. The cracks and wood damage caused by the trapped water will lead to sagging and wood rot, sagging gutters, and pulling on either side of the gutter which causes increased damage to the other areas of the roofline. A roofing contractor can repair the damaged wood and reattach the gutters at the proper pitch. 

Hanger Issues

Many of the issues homeowners have with gutters is with the hanger system. Hangers vary depending on the type of gutters you choose. Most are hook and nail gutters that connect directly into the roof overhang or roofing eaves. If the hangers are improperly placed, it can cause sagging and pulling on the wood. This will crack the wood and allow rainwater, ice, and snow into the cracks. The water will lead to wood rot and cause the gutter system to fall. Your roofing contractor can replace the current hanger system with a more durable option and ensure that the hanger area is treated, waterproofed, and sealed. 

Downspout Flow

The gutters may be placed properly and hung properly; however, the downspout could be the issue. If the entrance to the downspout and the spout itself is not placed properly, they can cause blockages and damage. Leaves may become stuck at the curves and corners of the downspout and cause a severe block. These blockages can cause water to backup to the top of the gutters and the roofing. You can check the downspout by running a hose to the top of the gutter and watch the flow of the water. If it does not flow properly, your roofing contractor can replace the downspout and place it properly for adequate flow. 

These are just a few of the issues you may encounter from improperly installed gutter systems. If you are experiencing issues with your roofing due to your gutters, contact your roofing contractor. They can do an onsite consultation and discuss the issues with you. They will also set up a plan to perform roofing repair and reattach the gutters so they do not cause further damage to the roofline.

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