4 Questions To Ask A Roof-Replacement Company Before Signing A Contract

If your home's roof is looking a little worse for wear, it may be time to replace it. This is especially true if it's more than 15–20 years old. As you begin shopping around for roof replacement quotes, you'll probably find a wide range in pricing. The reality is that when it comes to roofing replacement jobs, you get what you pay for. Before you sign on the dotted line for your project, then, there are a few questions you'll need to ask a roofing contractor.

Is This for a Roof Replacement or Re-Roofing Job?

Start by making sure that the price you're being quoted actually reflects a total roof replacement and not just a roof overlay. If your quoted price seems "too good to be true," there's a chance your roofing company is actually proposing to install a new roof over your existing roof. Generally, roof overlays are not recommended because they leave the weight of your old roof on your home's framing, which can create structural problems down the road.

How Much Insurance Does Your Business Carry?

Any reputable roofing company will carry insurance, but the specific amount carried can vary from one company to the next. Don't hesitate to ask a company exactly how much insurance they carry. Then, cross-check this figure with your state's minimum liability and property damage amounts for roofing companies. And of course, it's never a bad idea to ask for proof of insurance. A copy of the company's current liability policy should suffice.

Who Will Supervise the Team During Roof Replacement?

Even a team of experienced roof installers should have some supervision throughout the course of your roof replacement project, so be sure to ask about this before you sign your contract. Ideally, a supervisor or manager will be on-site at least once a day during your roof replacement job to ensure that everything is being done properly.

What Are the Payment Terms and Conditions?

Never work with a roofing company that demands full payment up-front. While it's not uncommon for roofers to collect a "down payment" of sorts, this deposit is usually 50% or less of the total job cost. The rest should be paid upon completion of the project according to your contract terms. Be sure to find out exactly what's expected of you (and when) in regards to payment.

Shopping for a new roof can be stressful, but by asking the right questions, you'll be on your way to choosing a roofing company with confidence.

Reach out to a local roof replacement service to learn more.

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