Residential Siding Installation For Renovations With More Contemporary Designs

If you want a more contemporary look for your home, there are a lot of options for the siding. The siding can include materials like modern composites or tropical lumber. There are also options for veneers, paneling, and other design features. The following residential siding installation guide will give your home a contemporary look:

Modern Siding Panels for a Contemporary Design  

Panels are one of the first options to consider for your exterior. These panels can be made of a variety of different materials. Some of the materials that you will want to consider for exterior siding panels include:

  • Fiber cement
  • Metal panels
  • Rigid composite siding panels

These exterior siding panel options can be used to create a contemporary style. You can also mix and match these materials to create a more custom look for your exterior renovations.

Tropical Hardwood Materials for the Exterior Finishes

If you want to use natural wood to give the exterior of your home a contemporary design, tropical lumber is your best choice. Tropical lumber has many benefits and gives you more choices for the custom design of your exterior siding. But, what tropical lumber is best for contemporary siding designs? The following hardwood lumber materials are the best choices for siding projects:

  • Ipe
  • Cumaru
  • White oak

These are the best choices if you are planning on using tropical lumber for your exterior finishes. Talk to your siding contractor about the availability of these hardwood materials where you live.

Composite Lumber Features for Unique Exterior Siding

If you want to have a more durable material for your siding renovations, composites are another great choice. The composite lumber features are versatile and available in many different styles. The different composite lumber siding designs to consider for your project include:

  • Conventional horizontal designs with butted joints
  • Unique patterns with butted joints
  • Vertical installation with board-and-batten joints

These are composite lumber designs that you will want to consider for the design of exterior finishes. The butted joints help keep the siding installation looking better.

Using Contemporary Siding Veneers for Exterior Renovations

The design of your siding can also be completed with veneers. These veneers can be different shapes and patterns that give your exterior a unique look. There are also siding veneers that are designed to create the look of masonry materials. Veneers can be combined with different styles of materials to create a more custom design for your exterior.  

These contemporary siding ideas will help to give your renovations a fresh new look. Call a residential siding service and ask about these solutions for your renovation project.

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