Why You Shouldn't Ignore Metal As A Potential Roofing Material

If your roof is on the verge of needing replacement, it gives you the opportunity to replace it with a whole new material. As a homeowner, you are in no way bound to replace a roof with the same material, especially if you are not happy with how your current material has been performing. Here are some reasons you shouldn't ignore metal as a potential roofing material:


A good reason to select metal for your roof is because it is very durable in comparison to other materials. A common misconception about metal roofing material is that homeowners think that metal is prone to rusting. This is simply not true, since the metal used for roofing material will be galvanized. All metal will be treated with zinc, which is resistant to corrosion and keeps the roofing material in great condition. Once it is manufactured, the material is covered with paint that gives it additional protection from rust, helping it hold up in all types of weather.

Cost Savings

When selecting a roofing material on a budget, you should look beyond the cost of the roofing material itself. There are many factors that play into how much the roof is going to cost you, such as the labor involved with the installation and the longevity of the material. Metal beats out the competition in both of these categories.

When installing a metal roof, the process is much simpler than installing cheaper asphalt shingles. The material comes in large sections that are secured to the roof, rather than having to place several nails into individual shingles, This helps the installation process go much easier overall, which helps cut down on the cost.

Metal also has a long lifespan compared to competing materials. Metal can last 20 to 60 years, while asphalt only lasts between 15 and 25 years. You'll end up replacing that asphalt roof much sooner than you would a metal roof, which means you are spending more money down the road.

Lack of Friction

Believe it or not, the lack of friction on a metal roof should be something to consider when selecting a roofing material. Water is more likely to roll off the surface, debris will have a harder time sticking to the roofing material, and the surface is even easier to clean. Snow will have an easier time sliding off the roof during big storms, which protects your home.

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