What To Know About Algae Growth On A Roof

One roofing problem you may be dealing with right now is algae growth. It doesn't look good, can cause damage, and is problematic to remove if you are not sure what you are doing. It will help to know the following things about algae growth so you can know how to deal with it.

Why Algae Grows

Algae will find a way to grow if the conditions on your roof are ideal. It will require moisture to form, as well as a dark place so that the sun does not evaporate the water during the day. Unfortunately, this situation is easier to occur than you think it is.

Shade can be cast on a roof for a variety of reasons. There may be a large overhanging tree branch which casts a shadow during the day or debris that has fallen on the roof and formed a pile, allowing moisture to be trapped underneath it. There may even be nearby buildings that cast a shadow, or the peak of your own roof casting a shadow for much of the day.

How To Remove Algae Growth

You'll need to wash your roof if you want to get rid of algae. Start by removing the debris on the surface, and then get rid of the algae using a pressure washer. It should be strong enough to blast the algae off the surface of the roof, but not do any damage to the shingles themselves. If you do not have a power washer, you can clean the surface by getting up there and doing some old fashion scrubbing. If you don't feel comfortable doing roof work, you can always hire a professional to help.

How To Prevent Algae Growth

You need to identify why algae is growing in order to stop it. If it's due to one of those large tree branches, you'll need to have the limb cut off the tree so that your roof sees the sun all day long. Removing those branches may also reduce debris that is collecting on the surface and trapping moisture. If you have some physical structures casting shadows, you will need to install a metal roof cap. These caps release zinc over the roof every time it rains, which should be enough to kill algae growth before it starts to form. Residential roofing services can help you with the installation of a metal roof cap to prevent future problems.

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