Benefits Of Installing A Slate Roof

You want to put a new roof on your home and you want to upgrade to a high-class, longer lasting roof that will have great curb appeal. Slate is a roofing style to consider for many reasons. Talk to your roofer about the benefits of slate for your home's rooftop.

You add unique beauty

Since slate isn't as common a roofing material as others, such as metal and asphalt, you add a unique beauty to your home. Slate is a natural material that gives your home a charming rustic appeal and adds to its architecture. If you plan on putting your home on the market, a slate roof can make a great selling point since your home will stand out among others on the market in your area.

You add longevity

A natural stone, slate is known for its lasting appeal. This makes the investment in this medium worth it to you. A slate roof can last as long as 200 years, depending on whether you select hard or soft slate for your home's new roof. This means not only will your roof outlast your home ownership, it will last long for the new homeowners as well. If you sell your home or refinance the property in the future, make note of your new slate roof; you may get better offers because of the lasting reliability a slate roof provides.

You add protection

Slate is extremely strong and can help protect your roof in the event of a fire or storm. Like a metal roof, slate is not as prone to fire damage than an asphalt or wood shingled roof is and can even help with keeping the sun's rays from interfering with your home's energy usage.

You add versatility for design

You want to talk to your contractor about the various styles of slate available. There are many color and texture variances between slate styles, depending on whether you choose soft or hard slate or even where your slate pieces are originally crafted from. Even one slab of slate can vary from the next, which will give your roof a unique and beautiful appearance.

Slate can be cut in various shingle or slate styles, including rounded edges or a straight edge, depending on what you want. Your roofing contractor will help you design your new slate roof based on your home's current design, your budget, and the type of slate you choose.

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