4 Things A Roofing Contractor Needs From You To Create A Proposal

Before you get your roof replaced, you need to have a few roofing contractors come out to your home and assess the situation. They will need to provide you with a bid or proposal for replacing your roof. Before they are able to create a bid, though, there is some information that the roofing contractor is going to need from you to complete the bid.

#1 Size of Your Budget

First, the roofing contractor is going to need to know the size of your budget. You do not have to have your budget completely nailed down. However, you do need to have a ballpark idea of how much money you can spend replacing your roof. Having a ballpark figure that you can pay or having a max figure you can pay can help the contractor figure out what type of materials to use.

For many people, their budget determines who they work with. Many contractors will work with you to create a proposal that not only fixes your roof but also works with your budget. If you don't have a budget, let the contractor know that as well.

#2 The Type of Materials You Want to Use

Second, you need to have an idea of what type of materials you want to use. Although the default roof is generally made out of shingles, that doesn't have to be your default. Do you want a roof with ceramic tiles, or do you want a metal roof? If you want to go with a material that is different from what is already on your roof, be sure to let the roofing contractor know. The material you use on your roof will dramatically change the quote that you get. If you are curious about the price difference between different types of material, be sure to let the roofing contractor know that so they can provide you with multiple quotes.

#3 Your Replacement Timeframe

Do you have a specific timeframe you need your roof replaced within? If you need your roof replaced by a specific time, be sure to let any roofer who creates a proposal know that. Some roofing companies may decide not to provide you with a proposal because they can't get the job done within the timeframe that you specify. If the timeframe is important to you, be sure to let the roofing contractor know; if it is not that important, let them know that as well.

#4 Current Issues with Your Roof

Of course, the roofing contractors will take the time to inspect your roof and determine the quality and condition of your roof. However, the roof belongs to you, and if you have first-hand knowledge of any roofing issues, you should let the roofing company know about these issues before they start inspecting your roof. For example, if you have a part of your roof replaced, let them know. If you have a leak somewhere, let them know. This information can help them provide you with a more in-depth proposal.

Before a roofing company can provide you with a proposal for replacing your roof, they need some information from you. Be ready to give them info about your budget, timeframe, the materials you want to be used, and anything you know about the current state of your roof.

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