4 Warning Signs That It's Time To Replace Your Roof

Taking care of your home should be foremost on your mind. This is very likely to be your most significant investment, and you'll want to work to maintain it. There are many things you can do that will allow your property to stand the test of time. One of these includes putting a new roof on your property. Thankfully, you may have a fair warning that this is a project that you need to do soon. Below you'll find indications that mean it may be time for a new roof.

1.    Missing materials

Have you been in your home for a while now and you suddenly notice many of the articles on your rooftop are no longer there? If so, it could be time to consider putting a new roof in place.

For instance, if you have asphalt shingles on your roof, these could get blown off by the wind or even start missing during a severe storm. Over time, this can happen and it's essential to restore your roof.

2.    Old age

It's a fact that if you've lived in any property for decades, you may have to put in another roof. Time will wreak havoc on any roof and cause it to wear out eventually.

You may want to check your records to determine when the original roof on your property was installed. Doing this can allow you to know if it's time to put a new one in place.

3.    Water Leaks

The last thing you'll want to wake up to is water in your house. This can be extremely upsetting and may cause you a great deal of mental and financial stress.

The first indication that you may have potential leaks is if you see dark spots on the ceiling. These are water stains and mean that water is getting in your property.

4.    Dark streaks

If you walk outside and suddenly see dark stripes on your roof, this means that algae could be present in your property. It's possible to get rid of the lines with various cleaning products, but you may find that it will soon be time to put a new roof in place to combat the problem at its source.

It's important to avoid letting your home become run-down. Doing a routine inspection of your roof will allow you to find issues and fix them before they become even bigger problems. Working with a roofing contractor for a roof replacement in your area could be the key.

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