Why It's Time To Install A Roof Coating To Your Commercial Building

When it comes to maintaining the roof of your commercial building, it may be something that you don't think about very much. However, roof maintenance is the key to increasing the lifespan of the roofing material and protecting your building. Here are some reasons why you should consider adding a roof coating to your commercial building.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Adding a roof coating does far more than protect the roof from damage since it also helps make your building more energy efficient as a result. You can apply a reflective roof coating which will provide some huge benefits during the day, which includes reflecting the rays from the sun so that your roof does not absorb the heat. The result is that your building will feel cooler and more comfortable overall and results in cutting back on how much you depend on your building's air conditioner system.

Improved Weatherproofing

Installing a roof coating to your building is going to cause the roof to have better protection from water. The coating creates a seal in places where multiple pieces of roofing material join together, which makes it much harder for water to find a way down to the roof deck. Since water tends to collect on a flat roof in places where the roofing material has a slight dip, this can give your roof some much-needed improvements to give the building protection from water.

Cheap Application

The cost involved with installing a roof coating is going to be very cheap, especially when you look at all of the benefits that come from it. A roof coating can be applied just as if you were painting the surface, which means that anybody can do it on their own to save money. All you need is a roller to cover the majority of the surface, a brush for painting around vents, and a paint tray for dipping them into. Just make sure to read all the directions before you apply the roof coating. For example, reflecting coatings that have aluminum in them will require that the coating is applied in a single direction. Painting the coating on in multiple directions can result in it not looking so great once it dries.

If you do hire a professional for the job, know that it will involve minimal labor to apply the roof coating, which cuts down on the installation cost. Reach out to a local commercial roofing contractor for more information about their commercial roof coating services

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