Know Your Options For A New Commercial Roof

Do you own a commercial building that needs a new roof? You have many more options that are not typically acceptable for residential roofing. Here are 4 choices you have to pick from when replacing a commercial roof.

Rolled Asphalt

If you have a flat roof, the easiest roof you can install on your own is rolled asphalt roofing. As the name implies, this material comes in large rolls that are easy for a single person to manipulate on a roof. The material is rolled over the existing roof surface and is then stuck to it by applying heat to the bottom with a torch. You slowly roll out the roofing material while heating it up, and then slightly overlap the next section of roofing material next to it. Rolled asphalt goes in fast, doesn't require pounding nails in the roof and doesn't require removing the old roof.

Spray Foam

Another popular commercial roofing material is spray foam. It also works great for a flat roof because it doesn't need to look pretty when it's being installed. It will form a solid barrier of foam over the roof, with no seams or cracks where moisture can get down to the roof deck. Much like rolled asphalt, spray foam doesn't require that the old roofing material be removed. It can go right over the existing roof if you desire.

Green Roofing

You may not think the concept of installing a green roof on your business is a great idea, but it can provide many benefits to your business. A green roof involves placing actual plants on the surface of the roof, which is covered by a protective membrane and soil. The plants and dirt help shade the building from the hot sun, which reduces your building's temperature and makes it eco-friendly. It takes a bit more work to maintain a green roof, but it helps your building become more environmentally friendly.


Metal roofing is a great option for a commercial building for several reasons. The material comes in large, lightweight panels that make it easy to install. The panels also help reflect the sun during the hot summer. As a result, there is less strain on your HVAC system. Metal roofing also has a longer lifespan than other materials in its price range, such as asphalt shingles. This can make it an ideal choice for a building you know you will stay in for quite some time.

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