What Is Done During A Roofing Inspection?

Most people do not know what goes on during a roof inspection. This process should ideally be carried out prior to buying a home and getting its ownership. While a typical home buyer can spot an obvious roofing mistake like a misplaced shingle, they cannot notice the structural errors. That's where a well-educated, certified and trustworthy roof inspector comes in. The inspection is affordable and it can be done during the home inspection exercises or on its own.

Why bother inspecting the roof?

For the best roofing care, homeowners are required to do one professional roof inspection exercise per year. They are also advised to carry out two inspections on their own. As not everyone is a roofer or interested in gaining the roofing knowledge, it is wiser to hire a professional roof inspector. They will examine the roof to ensure that it is safe and in no need of urgent repair. If major roof damage is found, the inspector will include this in their final report. The most trustworthy inspector is able to examine all kinds of roofs as well as the flashing around the chimney.

What happens during roof inspections?

  • Home interior - Generally, the inspection begins at the client's home interior. So the hired professional will climb to the attic area to look for signs of leaks and aging. They might recommend that the owner insulates their roof if they haven't to reduce heat loss. While inside the house still, they will look for holes or gaps in the roof that might let water in. Presence of mold and mildew is a good sign that there is a water leak somewhere in the roof.

  • House exterior - As soon as the roofer completes their interior examination, they will go outside to check the external surface of the roof more closely. So they will want to find out if there are missing or ruined shingles, water damage, or sagging of roofing materials, in addition to assessing the current condition of the chimney and flushing.

  • Roof repair cost estimate – When the roofer completes the entire process of examining the roof, they will then provide an estimated cost of repairing the defects they found. Although one must not move forward with the issues raised, it is highly advisable to do so because these problems will only worsen over time.

A roof inspection exercise is as easy as described above. It is a detailed and serious task though, as it will reveal everything that a homeowner needs to know about the current state of their roof. Those planning to buy or sell a house should consider hiring and using a roofing contractor company near them.


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