Top Signs That A Roof Replacement May Be Needed

If you want to enjoy a home that's both secure and safe, it's necessary to do routine maintenance. There are numerous tasks that you may need to do over time. Of course, some of these are much larger than others and will require fast attention. Ensuring your roof is in good shape will allow you to feel more at ease in your home. There are specific indications that will alert you that it could be time to replace this part of your property.

1.    Water spots on the ceiling

It's entirely possible to have water spots on your roof and not have water leaks. However, this is a sign that you may soon have water damage inside your home, as well. If you begin to see large marks on your ceiling, it could be time to give your roofing contractor a call.

2.    Dark streaks on your roof

Looking closely at your roof will allow you to see a lot of issues. You may begin to notice dark streaks sporadically in this area, and this is a sign you may need a new roof sooner than later.

Another indication that it's time to install another roof is if you see moss growing in this area. You'll want to get rid of this as quickly as possible, and it may be necessary to put in a new roof if the damage is extensive.

3.    Extreme storms

Do you live in a location that typically has severe weather? Do you often have hurricanes in your area? If so, your roof may be subjected to rougher weather than most.

It could be in your best interest to install a new roof when there are a lot of storms around your home. Of course, you could begin to see missing roofing material, and this means potential damage is more likely to occur.

4.    Others around you putting in new roofs

If you live in a subdivision, it's expected that most of the homes were constructed around the same time. If you see a lot of homeowners putting in replacement roofs, this could be a sign that you need to do the same thing.

Take time to look up the date your roof was installed, and this can help you determine the age of your roof.

Working to have a home that brings you a lot of contentment and security can improve your quality of life. However, feeling safe in your property is a must, and this could mean putting in a new roof over time. If you think you may need a new roof, contact a contractor, like Premier Roofing Co, for more information.

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