Getting New Gutters? How To Select The Right Color

Whether you are a new homeowner or a long-term homeowner, if your home is in need of new gutters, there are many things that you should consider when it comes to the installation of your new guttering system. One thing that you may not consider is the color of the gutters. Keep reading to learn about a few tips that will help you decide on the right color for your new residential gutters.

Gutters That Blend

As a general rule, homeowners tend to opt for gutters that blend in with the rest of the exterior of the home. In other words, the color that you choose for your gutters should be the same color as your home's accent items like the front door, window trim, or garage door or your home's siding. Alternatively, you may want to choose a color that is similar to the color of your roof, which ensures that the top part of your home is uniform in color.

Gutters That Contrast

In some cases, homeowners may not want to choose a color for their gutters that is similar to the rest of the home. Instead, they may want to choose a contrasting color to add a unique twist to their outside appearance of the property. This helps to add some personality to the home. If this sounds like you and you currently have a light roof and a mainly white façade, you may want to consider black gutters as this would provide a striking combination.

Gutters That Are Low-Maintenance

When considering the color of your gutters, you want to keep in mind that certain colors tend to show dirt and stains more than other colors. For instance, white, beige, and other light colors tend to naturally show off stains and dirt easier than darker colors like grey, brown, or black. By cleaning your gutters twice annually, you can prevent any permanent stains to lighter-colored gutters. However, it may simply be easier to opt for darker-colored guttering systems that are adept to hiding debris buildup and stains in between cleanings to begin with.

The aforementioned are three things for you to consider when it comes to choosing the right color for your residential gutters. If you need new gutters for your home, contact a gutter service like Hogan  Roofing in your area for assistance in choosing the color and material for your gutters in addition to the right system for your property.

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