Considerations When Choosing New Roofing Material for Your Commercial Building

A new commercial roof is a huge expense when you have a large building, so you want to make a wise choice in roofing materials to get the best return on your money. There are several options for commercial roofing, but they aren't all suitable for every building. Here are some things to consider when it's time to replace your roof.

The Slope of the Roof

If your building has a flat roof like many commercial buildings do, then shingle roofing isn't a good option because shingles need to be on a slope to allow water drainage. A flat roof has unique considerations because of the risk of water collecting on the roof. The roof needs to be sealed against water, which makes something like a rubber roof ideal since the seams adhere to each other so water can't leak through. Talk to a commercial roofer about the choices you have based on the slope of your roof so you can compare the options that might work and not waste time on others.

Appearance of the Roof

If your building has a slope that makes the roof visible to customers or clients, then you'll want a roofing material that's attractive. Metal is a good choice for commercial buildings because it looks nice yet it requires little maintenance. However, you could also choose concrete or clay tiles if your building houses professional offices and you want the building to have an upscale appearance.

Drainage Improvements

When you've had problems with drainage of your old roof, your roofer might recommend making changes that allow water to drain more easily. Even if you have a flat roof, it should have a slight slope to it so water won't form big puddles when it rains. If there's been settling or damage to the roof, the deck may need to be repaired or replaced when you get a new roof. Another option could be to choose spray foam roofing. This material sprays on as foam and then expands and hardens. The technician can make the foam as thick as necessary when the roofing is installed so it's possible to elevate the center of the roof enough that water will run off to the sides.

Another thing you might want to think about is if you want to tear off the old roof or cover it. When you choose something lightweight, such as membrane roofing, it can often be applied over the old roof as long as the deck and roofing are in good enough shape. When it's time for a commercial roof replacement, you'll probably have a lot of questions, so talk to a commercial roofer like so that you understand all your choices and make a wise investment for your company.

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