Protecting Your Oceanfront Home Against Hurricane Damage

Oceanfront property can be among the most desirable land for individuals looking to buy a home. However, oceanfront properties can be susceptible to experiencing hurricanes and other extremely strong storms. This weather can cause major damage to a home's roof, but there are ways that a homeowner may be able to help reduce the risk that their home sustains major roof damage.

Keep the Roof Properly Maintained

A poorly maintained roof can be far more susceptible to the risk of suffering roof damage. Improper maintenance can lead to portions of the roof weakening due to rot and other problems. As a result, these areas will be far more likely to experience damage as a result of the intense winds and heavy rain that hurricanes and other tropical storms can produce. It is particularly important to have the roof inspected and serviced prior to the start of hurricane season so that you can be sure that it is in the best condition possible to withstand these storms.

Mitigate the Risk of Trees or Tree Branches Falling on the Roof

Falling trees and tree branches can be one of the most common causes of damage during a hurricane or tropical storm. This debris can be extremely heavy, and the force of the impact can be strong enough to destroy sections of the roof. Unfortunately, there is no way to sufficiently reinforce the roof to be able to fully withstand these impacts. The more effective alternative is to simply trim any branches away from the home and to remove any trees that may be positioned too close to the house. This may dramatically alter your landscaping, but keeping your home and those inside it safe can be worth this change in aesthetics.

Upgrade to a Hurricane Roof

New homeowners are frequently unaware of the fact that there are roofing systems that are designed to withstand the force of hurricanes. While this type of roof will not be impervious to hurricane damage, they will be able to withstand forces and conditions that would leave a traditional roof with extensive damage. An added benefit of using this type of roof is that it will also be more durable in a general sense. This can help to offset the costs of replacing your current roof with one that is safe for hurricanes as the new roof will likely last far longer than a residential roof made from standard designs and materials.

Call a hurricane roofing contractor for more information.

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