A Rubber Roof Could Be The Right Choice For Your Building With A Flat Roof

A flat roof gives a home an interesting appearance, and a flat roof is also handy for certain buildings since it can be used to house HVAC equipment. Even though the roofs are called flat, they usually have a slight pitch so water will roll to the side and drain away. Still, there's the potential for water to collect on the building until it can evaporate, and that's why flat roofs often have the reputation as leaking easily. However, with the right roofing material, flat roofs can last a long time without leaking. Here's a look at EDPM flat roofing and why it's a good option for your roof.

EDPM Roofing Forms A Waterproof Barrier

EDPM roofing is also called rubber roofing. It goes on in wide sheets that are fused together to form a continuous waterproof barrier for your roof. Rubber roofing is a popular choice for flat roofs because it is one of the most affordable types of roofs. It's also easy to install, so installation costs are lower. The roofing comes in different widths so there can be as few seams as possible. The rubber sheets are adhered to the roof and the seams are fused together, and your roof has an excellent barrier against the weather.

Rubber Roofing Can Keep Your Building Warmer

Rubber roofing is usually black, so it absorbs heat from the sun and transfers the heat into your building. This could keep your building warmer in the winter. However, if you want to avoid solar warming, you can choose a lighter color that reflects the sun instead. The rubber roofing even comes in white if you prefer the appearance and if you want to reflect the sun to keep your building cooler in the summer.

EDPM Roofs Are Easy To Repair

Rubber is an easy material to repair, and there are several repair options if the rubber is ripped by contractors servicing an HVAC or by storm debris. Repairs require cleaning the damaged area and then applying a patch material followed by a coating. EDPM roofing is durable and is slow to degrade due to sun exposure, so it may not need to be removed even when it gets old. Instead, the roof can be restored with a new coating that provides seamless protection against the rain.

Rubber Roofing Can Be Covered With Pebbles

If the appearance of the rubber roof is important because an upper level looks out over a lower level, then you can have river pebbles placed over the roof. Weighing down the rubber sheets is one method of installation, but rocks are not necessary since the rubber can be adhered directly to the roof surface. However, if you want a more attractive appearance to the roof, then adding rocks could be the answer.

Rubber roofing is popular because of its advantages, but it isn't the only flat roof option. Talk to a roofing contractor, such as at JCB Roofing, to see if EDPM roofing is right for your building and to understand all of its benefits.

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