Timber!: What To Do When A Tree Hits Your Roof

Once in a while, something unexpected happens to most houses. Whether it is the dishwasher flooding or a screen splitting in half, it is necessary to take care of these problems as soon as possible. When the issue is small, this can be done simply and mostly on your own. Huge problems will require a call to professionals and assembling the right team to take care of the health of the house. If you have had a huge storm and a tree hits your roof, you may be surprised by the tree falling and the trouble it can cause for your home. If a tree has hit the roof, here are the immediate next steps to take. 

Assess the damage from inside

Most trees fall because of a heavy storm or because they are struck by lightning. In either case, you may not want to be outside until the coast is clear. The first thing that you need to do is assess the damage from the inside. Go to the highest level of your home, whether this is the attic or the second-floor living space, to inspect. Bring a digital camera and take pictures of any holes or cracks that have formed in the ceiling. These pictures will be needed for your roofer and for your insurance company.

Find a company to pull off the tree

After an inspection from your roofer, the next thing that you will need to do is have the tree removed from your roof. The tree must be taken down by professionals so that it will not slide and cause damage to the rest of the structure of your home. Ask your roofer for the best method of removing the tree. It may be to cut the tree in pieces and have them removed starting from the top of the roof down. It may be to chain or roof the entirety of the tree to a truck and have it pulled down all at once. 

Fix any spots that are caved in immediately

A roof remaining caved in is a recipe for disaster. Your roofer will be able to get on the roof and inspect the spots that may be caved in. Have the roofer reinforce the roof rafters necessary then replace any shingles or other roofing material that was lost due to the tree. Be sure to inspect the materials around the caved in spots to check for any signs of damage and have these replaced as well. 

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