A Potential Home Buyer's Guide To Roof Replacement

When one is interested in buying a house, the first thing that most people do (which is smart) is to get a home inspection. Inspections can tell you a lot about the history and future of the home. The history of the home can be shown with what condition the home is in currently. For example, a home that was built in 1950 may have some wear and tear which can be seen in the floors and the appliances. The future of the home, on the other hand, can be seen in things like the foundation and the roof. A crack in the foundation can tell you that sometime in the future you may need to replace it, or a roof with damaged shingles may indicate water damage in the future. Pay close attention to what you learn from an inspection. It is a good idea to negotiate repair prices with the sellers of the home in order to make sure that you are not stuck with the entire bill. One major expense to be aware of is the roof.

The roof of a home is generally replaced around the time that the home is being bought, sold, or after a catastrophic event. As the buyer of a new home, you should be aware of things to look for in a roof, and the potential costs associated with roof replacement.

First of all, here are two basic things to look for in the roof of a home you are looking to purchase.

Age. There is not a set limit on how long a roof is good for. Since there are many different materials that a roof can be made of, it is important to be familiar with the specific roof in question. Find out when it was last replaced and what material was used.  Age is mostly important as a determinant of how much wear and tear the roof has acquired over the years. 

Ventilation. If the roof of a home is lacking a ventilation system that lets in sunlight and air, you can plan on big problems. If the roof does not have a chance to dry properly, you are likely to get mold, or the roof will rot from the inside out.

If the roof has been damaged due to its age, or has mold and ventilation problems, a roof replacement should be in order. Depending on the company, a roof replacement can cost you anywhere from $3.50 to $5.50 per square foot. To learn more, get in touch with a company like Burke's Roofing.

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