If Metal Roofing Doesn't Leak, Why The Extra Supplies? And Other Roofing Questions Answered

Metal roofing is a very popular roofing material right now. It is outselling almost all other types of roofing because of its lengthy guarantee and durability. If you have started to collect estimates for roofing from metal roofing contractors, you may be surprised to see that there is more than just metal roofing shingles listed. Hence, you might want to know why the contractors included all of these extra roofing supplies. You may have a few other related roofing questions as well, all of which are answered below. 

If Metal Roofing Does Not Leak, Why the Extra Supplies?

This is a pretty common question as most homeowners are surprised to see wood and underlayment materials listed on their estimates/quotes. While it is definitely true that a well-installed metal roof will never leak (at least, it is not supposed to!), the planks and underlayment are listed because the contractor is doing a complete tear-off of your roof. All of the old shingles have to go, as well as the water and ice sheeting, roofing felt, tar, particle board, etc. So the roofer's estimate/quote includes these extra materials because he/she is going to install an entirely brand-new roof underneath the metal shingles. Without doing so, the warranty on the metal roof is often null and void. 

The Hardware Store Said You Could Install Metal Roofing over the Top of the Existing Roof; Is That True?

Well, you could install the metal roof over the top of your existing asphalt shingle roof, but there are a few problems with that. One, most cities, counties, and states have building and construction ordinances against such practices. Two, leaving your existing asphalt shingle roof under the metal roof creates for a very lumpy and unprofessional roof installation. Whoever told you at the hardware or home improvement store that you could do this clearly does not know about local building codes and ordinances. Of course, it may be very different where you live, but that would be something to check on with your roofing contractor.

What Happens If Something Goes Wrong with the Roof Before the Thirty-Year Warranty Is Up?

Metal roofs are warrantied/guaranteed for a minimum of thirty years and a maximum of fifty years. Again, it depends on the brand and style of metal shingles installed. If something does go wrong with your roof before the warranty and/or guarantee has expired, and it is a covered expense, the roof in part or all is replaced for nothing. Read the fine print on the warranty/guarantee before you sign your roofer's contract, so you know exactly what the terms and time constraints are, just in the very rare case your new metal roof has a problem. 

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